Turbocharger Services & Spare Parts

Through our services we provide solutions for your Turbocharger repairs/ damages/ malfunctions and we supply all the necessary equipment and spare parts.


  • Overhauling services for all Turbochargers types and all Manufactures.
  • All overhauling process is strictly in accordance with the guidelines and specifications of the manufacturer.


  • Retrofit is an effective solution, focused on diesel engines that require optimum performance and high efficiency with less environmental and economical impact.
  • We recommend the most appropriate and economical solution for the replacement of old turbocharger type with new one of modern technology.

Recondition of Spare Parts

  • Recondition of worn spare parts is efficiently performed within reasonable short time notice, under stringent quality control.

Dynamic Balancing of Rotor Shaft

  • The key element for extended life of the Rotor Shaft is achieved through the balancing procedure. The unbalance may provoke operational damages and increase of repairing costs.

Spare Parts

TURBO CYPRUS supplies turbocharger spare parts for all makers and types in the minimum delivery time due to our significant inventory of turbocharger spare parts. We provide all spares for all turbocharger parts, complete turbochargers units, cartridges, rotor shafts, casings, diffusers, nozzle and cover rings and consumable parts as well, such as full overhauling kit, bearing sets, sealing bushes, connection elements and gaskets etc.

In conjunction with our forwarding services, we execute requested shipments 24/7 worldwide.

For inquiries & more info contact us at info@turbocyprus.com.cy or fill bellow the details on our contact form.